MBMBaM 20 Dirt: A Year in Review

Once again, a year draws to a close. We all have learned new things, and had new experiences in another 365 above the dirt. Some of those things were helpful, and may help us grow into new and better folks, some are things about horses that are from other planets and Boy butter and Starbucks castle doctrines and Jodie Sweetin. That's right, another year of advice from the bros. McElroy on just the best podcast: MBMBaM. And another opportunity to pick my favorite wisdom punches and illustrate their kinda idiotic glory. If you don't know about MBMBaM: you goofed. Search it in iTunes and do what EVERYONE else I know has done once they find this diamond in the sea of rough, and listen to every episode in like a week. (Or check out their sampler HERE.)  Have some chuckles, feel some pains, learn a lil something. All of this is funny, none of it is responsible.

Click thru the gallery below for snapshots of the individual illustrations, and if you haven't listened this year, good luck making sense of a lot of the things that were drawn here.

Either the Best or Worst Xmas Present Ever.

For someone's surprise Xmas gift at work tomorrow, they are going to get this magical box of items. An Instant Scumbag Kit comprised of : Slim Jims and travelling tramps go-to "meat" snack, Goo Gone Stain remover, to get out all the stains you're ineveitably gonna get, Soup, cause, what hobo doesn't wanna eat some soup, Sharpies for putting up your train car tag, fresh Socks (any traveller's most important item), a couple of pro-fo's for having sex with your dingus, and a few bottles of hooch, to keep the proverbial train wheels lubricated. Oh, and also, a wily hobo Instant Beard Kit. Made with real Human Beard and Glue, you'll be able to fit in in any dirtbag camp off any rail line. WHoever pops the top on this box of weird is probably gonna either be the MOST stoked, or the MOST bummed. We'll see! Welcome to the party, pal.

Dungeon Crawl Classic Character Drawings.

So, for the first time in nearly 20 years, I have begun again to play table-top, P&P, RPG's with a terrific group of like minded nerdlingers. The game system we started out in was Legends of the Flame Princess, a mildly graphic, slightly blue system, with easy to use classes and mechanics. We have since switched to Dungeon Crawl Classics, which, as I understand it is based on D&D 2.5. Doesn't matter. What does is our characters remained, and so, I decided to depict them, for standees for the group. From Top Left: A Cleric of the Moon (drug addled cultist), Mitison, a former shopkeep turned rogue/thief, Tom Riddle, Handsome Halfling adventurer, Sir Willem Preston, the Gay Blade, a dark hearted chaotic warrior, and Estel, a hippie elf with casting abilities. These are the members of our rag-tag party of shit stirrers who have conquered many drough, slain some dwarf undead, fought a horde of rats, pirates, and centipedes. Also at least one who has: ended up in jail, constantly been drunk, collected the ears of every felled opponent, gotten sick from smearing centipede blood in his beard, flipped off a ghost king, and thrown a severed head into a trap door.

Yule Lads for Pagan Winter.

Here's my piece for recent, amazing group show Pagan Winter at Grindcore House in Philadelphia. The show hangs thru. January 2014 and features art from some truly astounding artists (your's truly not included). The show is themed around pagan winter festival ritual and characters. The piece here features Iceland's Yule Lads, a group of 13 conniving and mischievous fellas who, preceding the change into winter, keep tabs on the rotten kids of Iceland and harass them in accordance of their personalities: sometimes stealing and eating candles sometimes harassing sheep sometimes simply peeeeepimg in on them. If kids have been truly rotten they leave potatoes in their shoes. In any case, here's my take on all 13 of these creeps surrounded by their trappings and items of desire.

A PYNK Affair.

Here's my latest drawing for Little Baby's Ice Cream, for their upcoming event: A PYNK Affair, which is in tandem with Yards brewery, to raise money for a breast cancer awareness and research charity the Tyanna Foundation. Yards will be premiering their Fall seasonal berry ale, and LBIC will be premiering a pink ice cream feat. the Yards brew!  Also, there will be pink-bunned hamburgers & 2 live bands: Freezer: a Weezer tribute band covering Pinkerton tip to tals, and Mizzundastood: obvs a Pink! cover act. All seems amazing and fun, and you can get the full range of details HERE. 

Charles Fort & An Exploration of the Unknown.

Recently my great friend Mike Bukowski asked me to contribute to his wildly successful, both cultishly followed & occult in nature blog, dedicated to all things Lovecraftian. Once every so often he invites guest artists to contribute heroic character portraits to an otherwise primarily monster themed collection at Yog-Blogsoth. Which you absolutely need to pour over for...ever. 

Here is mine: a portrait of an only once mentioned figure in Lovecraft lore, who was in fact, a genuine explorer and documentarian of the odd & unknown: Charles Fort. I highly recommend looking up even the briefest of biographies on this latter day kook and investigator, as, in context, he was one of the forebears of modern paranormal research and was dedicated to a craft well before it's time. Fascinating dude.

This image is a compilation of a slightly stylized image of the library where he spent 30 years researching the unexplainable ad an apocryphal story wherein Fort threw away nearly 50000 of his own notes on the mysterious. And gross tentacle monsters from outer space.

PAWS Benefit Show.

Piece done for an upcoming benefit show put on by the wonderful Ryann Casey, to benefit the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. This terrific org. of folks were the ones who were nice enough to take care of our guy Franklin (then Snickers) until we were lucky enough to find his adorable face, and get him a forever home. This is a depiction of a recent adventure we went on in the NJ woods, where Franklin found that he was really into tadpoles.

See more about the show HERE and come visit, if you can! Many people and pups would appreciate it.

Last Meal in the Money Room. 2 Slices, 2 Joes.

My latest piece done for the Philadelphia art collective Phantom Hand for a show titled Last Meal, an exploration of the dark significance of final moments. Looked at here is the last meal of Gary Heidnik, after he was convicted of serial torture, murder, and cannibalism. 2 slices of pizza and 2 cups of coffee. Part of the reason he was convicted and found legally accountable without the option of taking an insanity plea  was because of his conscious investment decisions and ability to make and sustain wealth. He actually wallpapered a room in his house with money, or so the story goes. Here's a more atmospheric look, than what I usually do, at the final workings of a true asshole.

Admiral Swiggins Design V.2.

Second Character Design concept for, probably the best/most addicting video game I've played all year: Awesomenauts. Created by Ronimo Games, this second design is for an open submission contest designed to create the visual style of a new character, Adm. Swiggins: tea loving Kraken overlord and his trusty Anchor Leopold. Second of 2 variations.

Piles of Awesome Prints are In!

Prints of my 'Piles of Awesome' for my and Alicia's forthcoming show of the same name  just arrived from the printer, and boy howdy are they fine! A small amt. of full size prints, and a limited run of mini print sets will be available at the show. Here's a sneak peek at how they'll group.

Bug Life / Piles of Awesomeness.

Mine and the lovely Alicia Neal's show is opening in only a few short weeks! So pysched! It will include beautifully rendered painting of folks with giant bugs from her (see her stuff HERE) and colorfully disgusting piles of awesome crap I love! See more about the event/gallery opening HERE. And thanks again to the fine folks running one of Philadelphia's newest & finest art galleries/teaching spaces/handmade retail shops: The Art Dept.

MBMBAM: A Year in Review 2 : 20-Doz

Here, again, is a collection of the most pyscho-sexually disturbing (and to be fair also  non-pyscho sexually disturbing) images that I have ever created based on my favorite ramblings of the Brothers McElroy, from the hit 'advice' podcast: MBMBAM. For those not familiar: get familiar. This is an advice show for the moderne era hosted by 3 of the most goof laden, genuine, heartwarmingly funny, and occasionally wildly disturbing dudes I have heard in an age. Need oddball love advice about a failing long distance relationship? Or advice on what to do to get your special lady to be a She Hulk? Need to tell your stepdad that you hate him and to send pizza? They have you covered. My workweek is made at least an hour shorter each & every from the chuckles that these fellas deliver. Hope you enjoy. •Note: Sooooome illustrations are distinctly NSFW, so, be careful with the ole' zoom.  Scroll through the gallery at the bottom to see zoom-ins of the images.

Return of The Songtrade

Proud to announce / be a part of The Songtrade: a 2012 Best New Song compilation Blog composed by a varied, fascinating group of friends, aquaintances, well wishers, and total, and totally interesting, strangers where they have a non-judgmental forum to share and discuss their musical forays for a particular year. What could be better?


WWF (World Wildlife) Shirt Design.

Here's my design for the upcoming Countdown to Endanger show, benefiting the World Wildlife Fund. It combines a list of endangered North American animals as another endangered species: Quintessential 1980's Wrestlers (See if you can name 'em all). It will be printed on a charcoal gray T-Shirt, and may be available as a poster as well, at the event. Which you should come to, if you can.

So here's yet another ridiculous illustration of animate food. Including a hot dog. And an Ice Cream man. And arm wrestling. This one is for an upcoming event sponsored by Dapper Dog (one of my favorite purveyors of hot dog goodness), Little Baby's Ice Cream (obv's), and Philadelphia's own Yards Brewing Co. (makers of Brawler: my personal favorite sipping beer).

The Grip up is an amateur level, outdoor arm wrestling competition, to be followed by a screening of probably the best movie made about the sweet science of wrst-wrestle: Over the Top (the poster of which was the basis for the composition of this piece). There will be prizes. There will probably be hats turned around. There won't be any semi trucks up for grabs. Find all the details HERE. Proceeds to benefit the PSPCA.