MBMBaM Live Tour Posters

I was lucky enough to be asked to put together some poster art for a live tour of probably one my favorite all time things: MBMBaM (if you don't know, check them out at TeenGoogle.com).
Over the last few years, I have been truly honored to have been able to do some work for these three fellas, who, no joke, I think may be the funniest, kindest, and most on-the-ball dudes I've ever had the pleasure of drawing the stupidest stuff for. This is my take on combining their ability to turn life's mysteries, alchemy like, into wisdom with the vibes of an unnamed, 70's kid detective show. With some pictograms (using the Pigpen Cipher, that the Freemasons used) and inside-the-show references as well, just for good measure. Hope everyone likes it!