Potpouri: The Odds and Ends of 2015.

2015 Has been a GD terrific year. I got to work on so many amazingly diverse, interesting, fun and downright strange things, that I was terrible at cataloging and/or posting them all. Here are a few that I missed, because...well...I'm bad at blog.

In order (complete with links to appropriate places):

Werewolf Ambulance Stickers. Allen & Katie are the best. Their podcast? The same. A hilarious, intimate, goof-laden look at horror movies spanning the ages from the point of views of two of the best enthusiasts and jokesters I've ever had the privelege of meeting, and talking at length to in the kitchen of a 40th b-day party. This is a pull quote(s) from one of just THE BEST episodes.

The Adventure Zone Character Sheets. The Adventure Zone is a podcast by the bros McElroy (see: everything hilarious and lovable on the internet) and their daddy playing D&D. Somehow, I got lucky enough to not only design their logo, but also this incredible, dry-erase 5e character sheet.

Gimme Some Reggae: A painting done for Denis Carey for his b-day, based on his love of that G'N'R video where Axl yells this dumb thing.

Cinepunx: Liam and Josh are 2 of the best dudes who host a podcast about all the great things. Movies, punk, jokes...you know. Everything that matters. They were nice enough to ask me to do a shirt design of them as 2 of the best super heroes of all time: The Goon and Wolverine. Pre-order it here!

Hard Ticket to Hawaii: A painting, done about maybe the worst-best movie of all time for my good friend Ryann for her b-day. There's a razor frisbee and a blow up doll. Which gets shot by a rocket launcher at one point.

Viva la Undead Elvis: A shirt design (this is just 1/2 of it) for this year's SHOT Show, held in Las Vegas. What better way to represent everything involved that to put together a Skeleton Elvis toting a BIIIIIIIIG rifle? (These aren't out yet...but I'll link when/where available).

Chaz McElroy: This one is the hardest to explain. It's a drawing done based on a bit from MBMBaM where Griffin describes his new personality. It's uh...well. It's a raditude filled skate Dog doing sick, wet stunts? I don't know. Just listen to the episode.

There's more...I may fold 'em in as I go. Thanks for looking, and check out / support all these rad people doing incredible work by hitting th links above, and checking them the fuck out!

MBMBaM Live Tour Posters

I was lucky enough to be asked to put together some poster art for a live tour of probably one my favorite all time things: MBMBaM (if you don't know, check them out at TeenGoogle.com).
Over the last few years, I have been truly honored to have been able to do some work for these three fellas, who, no joke, I think may be the funniest, kindest, and most on-the-ball dudes I've ever had the pleasure of drawing the stupidest stuff for. This is my take on combining their ability to turn life's mysteries, alchemy like, into wisdom with the vibes of an unnamed, 70's kid detective show. With some pictograms (using the Pigpen Cipher, that the Freemasons used) and inside-the-show references as well, just for good measure. Hope everyone likes it!

#MBMBaMinNYC : Feat. Some Weird Paintings.

This Memorial day weekend, Alicia and I were snagged ourselves some tickets to go see a live showing of one of our favorite podcasts: MBMBaM!!! So, we decided, if we were gonna travel to NY, why not make a full run at one of our favorite cities to spend a day in, and see all the people we love there and eat all of the goddamn things that city could lay at our feet. So, with bags in hand, we headed north for a few. And I, being the spazz that I am, figured maybe I could make a full go at meeting the bros. McElroy, and bring them a few homemade, or at least wholly unique, lil' gifts to welcome them to NY for their first live show there. Thus, in trying to keep with the feel of their show, I made a handful of off kilter paintings, to give to them as a thanks-for-all-the-chuckles gifts. Including (in sequence from above): Tex Murphy Eating a Hot Pocket & Buying Fushigi Balls from Amazon • A Clue Era Tim Curry Reading Sad Libs • A Ghostface Horse Standing Atop a Pokeball Texas • And just for good measure (and for Sawbones co-host Sydnee McElroy) A tiny cast of Dr. Who. Also in the gift bag was a onesie from Pinkhammers baby-goods featuring the phrase: Nobody Puts Me in A Corner • A copy of my recent favorite competitive/lying boardgame: Bang! • Some Homemade Smoked Maple Whiskey • A box of Yummy Mummy (becasue, c'mon) • And a Small Chocolate Horse. MAYBE, the weirdest swag bag ever produced. I genuinely hope they like it as much as I liked putting it together!

After the show, we just absolutely treated ourselves to some amazing dining & drinking: First at Momofuku Noodle Bar with just shit-tons of ramen, then at the Milk Bar for Cereal Milk Ice Cream and Compost Cookies, and then at the Ginger Man for even more drinks with friends before completely turfing out at the Gotham Hotel. Thanks again to Peter & Sarah and Kyle & Alana for showing us around for again, in a continually mind-blowing manner in their lovely city.

MBMBaM 20 Dirt: A Year in Review

Once again, a year draws to a close. We all have learned new things, and had new experiences in another 365 above the dirt. Some of those things were helpful, and may help us grow into new and better folks, some are things about horses that are from other planets and Boy butter and Starbucks castle doctrines and Jodie Sweetin. That's right, another year of advice from the bros. McElroy on just the best podcast: MBMBaM. And another opportunity to pick my favorite wisdom punches and illustrate their kinda idiotic glory. If you don't know about MBMBaM: you goofed. Search it in iTunes and do what EVERYONE else I know has done once they find this diamond in the sea of rough, and listen to every episode in like a week. (Or check out their sampler HERE.)  Have some chuckles, feel some pains, learn a lil something. All of this is funny, none of it is responsible.

Click thru the gallery below for snapshots of the individual illustrations, and if you haven't listened this year, good luck making sense of a lot of the things that were drawn here.

MBMBAM: A Year in Review 2 : 20-Doz

Here, again, is a collection of the most pyscho-sexually disturbing (and to be fair also  non-pyscho sexually disturbing) images that I have ever created based on my favorite ramblings of the Brothers McElroy, from the hit 'advice' podcast: MBMBAM. For those not familiar: get familiar. This is an advice show for the moderne era hosted by 3 of the most goof laden, genuine, heartwarmingly funny, and occasionally wildly disturbing dudes I have heard in an age. Need oddball love advice about a failing long distance relationship? Or advice on what to do to get your special lady to be a She Hulk? Need to tell your stepdad that you hate him and to send pizza? They have you covered. My workweek is made at least an hour shorter each & every from the chuckles that these fellas deliver. Hope you enjoy. •Note: Sooooome illustrations are distinctly NSFW, so, be careful with the ole' zoom.  Scroll through the gallery at the bottom to see zoom-ins of the images.