Pacific Rim Choppy Chop.

I am fortunate enough to be sharing some wall space coming up this weekend with some truly amazing artists and genuine inspirations at the premier opening of a tribute art show dedicated to all things creatively genius crafted by the terrifically talented Guillermo Del Toro. The show, curated by Gary Deocampo and Chogrin, and titled Guillermo Del Toro: In Service of Monsters opens this Friday at Gallery 1988 LA, will feature like...a million, GD-amazing, artists, including Mike Mignola, Guy Davis, you, etc.
Legends, basically.
Anyhow: Here's my dumb pile of monster guts, tentacles, and giant robots built specifically to slice them to pcs. which will be for sale at the show in several format.
To see more about the show, visit these links:

We Are The Union : Call in Dead.

Recently I was lucky enough to do some work for the wonderful fellas in We Are The Union, for their new EP: Keep It Down. When discussing the themes of the record, they mentioned that the title is derived from a tale of an epic party that the rails. This led me to wanting to do a design for the record that not only incorporated the ideas from the song, but also pulled from my own experiences as a party jerk. The front cover shows an amp, demolished by all manner of ridiculous things that I have actually seen at weird, loud, obnoxious house parties. The back cover, which serves as a a love letter to all my party crashing, hard-drinkin', rager friends over the years, then more fully relates the how each ludicrous item managed to be embedded and smashed into the amp. Many of the party guests are folks WATU asked me to add in, many more are representations (if not direct portraits of) friends of mine who have shared in the party crashing traditions we started so many years ago. Hope y'all like it. The record is available for sale and download thru Paper + Plastick. And check out We Are the Union, too, as this would have never been possible without their terrific record and trust. Thanks!

(Click thru the gallery for some closer views of the back cover...maybe you're in there!)

MBMBaM Live Tour Posters

I was lucky enough to be asked to put together some poster art for a live tour of probably one my favorite all time things: MBMBaM (if you don't know, check them out at
Over the last few years, I have been truly honored to have been able to do some work for these three fellas, who, no joke, I think may be the funniest, kindest, and most on-the-ball dudes I've ever had the pleasure of drawing the stupidest stuff for. This is my take on combining their ability to turn life's mysteries, alchemy like, into wisdom with the vibes of an unnamed, 70's kid detective show. With some pictograms (using the Pigpen Cipher, that the Freemasons used) and inside-the-show references as well, just for good measure. Hope everyone likes it!

Titans & Tragedy : Opening this Friday!

This Friday May 2 from 6-9 PM at the Art Dept (1638 E. Berks St.) in the lovely Fishtown section of Philadelphia, fellow illustrator and all around wonderful lady Alicia Neal & I will be premiering our latest dual fronted show: Titans & Tragedy. Featuring images re-imagined from the classic Greek myths, monsters, & legends of our youth, we are offering 2 wildly different sides of a fantastic coin. Whereas Alicia takes the morality play of these immensely dense and twisting tales and depicts them with an abstract, intense, and subtle beauty, I have taken the opportunity to explore the gross and violent side of these tales in the form of giant guts-filled monsters being torn to pieces. We would love to see you there!

Feat. above is the postcard for the show, and below is a preview of one of the other images  I have made for the show featuring the Gorgon Medusa being beheaded, after which her blood transforms into coral, from which is birthed a Pegasus. As you do.