Charles Fort & An Exploration of the Unknown.

Recently my great friend Mike Bukowski asked me to contribute to his wildly successful, both cultishly followed & occult in nature blog, dedicated to all things Lovecraftian. Once every so often he invites guest artists to contribute heroic character portraits to an otherwise primarily monster themed collection at Yog-Blogsoth. Which you absolutely need to pour over for...ever. 

Here is mine: a portrait of an only once mentioned figure in Lovecraft lore, who was in fact, a genuine explorer and documentarian of the odd & unknown: Charles Fort. I highly recommend looking up even the briefest of biographies on this latter day kook and investigator, as, in context, he was one of the forebears of modern paranormal research and was dedicated to a craft well before it's time. Fascinating dude.

This image is a compilation of a slightly stylized image of the library where he spent 30 years researching the unexplainable ad an apocryphal story wherein Fort threw away nearly 50000 of his own notes on the mysterious. And gross tentacle monsters from outer space.