MBMBaM 20 Dirt: A Year in Review

Once again, a year draws to a close. We all have learned new things, and had new experiences in another 365 above the dirt. Some of those things were helpful, and may help us grow into new and better folks, some are things about horses that are from other planets and Boy butter and Starbucks castle doctrines and Jodie Sweetin. That's right, another year of advice from the bros. McElroy on just the best podcast: MBMBaM. And another opportunity to pick my favorite wisdom punches and illustrate their kinda idiotic glory. If you don't know about MBMBaM: you goofed. Search it in iTunes and do what EVERYONE else I know has done once they find this diamond in the sea of rough, and listen to every episode in like a week. (Or check out their sampler HERE.)  Have some chuckles, feel some pains, learn a lil something. All of this is funny, none of it is responsible.

Click thru the gallery below for snapshots of the individual illustrations, and if you haven't listened this year, good luck making sense of a lot of the things that were drawn here.