Potpouri: The Odds and Ends of 2015.

2015 Has been a GD terrific year. I got to work on so many amazingly diverse, interesting, fun and downright strange things, that I was terrible at cataloging and/or posting them all. Here are a few that I missed, because...well...I'm bad at blog.

In order (complete with links to appropriate places):

Werewolf Ambulance Stickers. Allen & Katie are the best. Their podcast? The same. A hilarious, intimate, goof-laden look at horror movies spanning the ages from the point of views of two of the best enthusiasts and jokesters I've ever had the privelege of meeting, and talking at length to in the kitchen of a 40th b-day party. This is a pull quote(s) from one of just THE BEST episodes.

The Adventure Zone Character Sheets. The Adventure Zone is a podcast by the bros McElroy (see: everything hilarious and lovable on the internet) and their daddy playing D&D. Somehow, I got lucky enough to not only design their logo, but also this incredible, dry-erase 5e character sheet.

Gimme Some Reggae: A painting done for Denis Carey for his b-day, based on his love of that G'N'R video where Axl yells this dumb thing.

Cinepunx: Liam and Josh are 2 of the best dudes who host a podcast about all the great things. Movies, punk, jokes...you know. Everything that matters. They were nice enough to ask me to do a shirt design of them as 2 of the best super heroes of all time: The Goon and Wolverine. Pre-order it here!

Hard Ticket to Hawaii: A painting, done about maybe the worst-best movie of all time for my good friend Ryann for her b-day. There's a razor frisbee and a blow up doll. Which gets shot by a rocket launcher at one point.

Viva la Undead Elvis: A shirt design (this is just 1/2 of it) for this year's SHOT Show, held in Las Vegas. What better way to represent everything involved that to put together a Skeleton Elvis toting a BIIIIIIIIG rifle? (These aren't out yet...but I'll link when/where available).

Chaz McElroy: This one is the hardest to explain. It's a drawing done based on a bit from MBMBaM where Griffin describes his new personality. It's uh...well. It's a raditude filled skate Dog doing sick, wet stunts? I don't know. Just listen to the episode.

There's more...I may fold 'em in as I go. Thanks for looking, and check out / support all these rad people doing incredible work by hitting th links above, and checking them the fuck out!