Pacific Rim Choppy Chop.

I am fortunate enough to be sharing some wall space coming up this weekend with some truly amazing artists and genuine inspirations at the premier opening of a tribute art show dedicated to all things creatively genius crafted by the terrifically talented Guillermo Del Toro. The show, curated by Gary Deocampo and Chogrin, and titled Guillermo Del Toro: In Service of Monsters opens this Friday at Gallery 1988 LA, will feature like...a million, GD-amazing, artists, including Mike Mignola, Guy Davis, you, etc.
Legends, basically.
Anyhow: Here's my dumb pile of monster guts, tentacles, and giant robots built specifically to slice them to pcs. which will be for sale at the show in several format.
To see more about the show, visit these links: