"I Ain't Got Time to Bleed."

So. You like the movie the Predator, huh?
Enjoy the hijinks of handsome, muscly Dutch, sly Dillon, wise cracking Hawkins, the explosive Poncho, hair trigger Blain, never afraid to shave Mac and the chest carving, alien tracking Billy?
Oh, you LOVE that movie, cause it's one of the best movies ever made? I hear ya.
Now, with help from yours' truly, you can wear that love literally on your sleeve. Or your bag. Or your sweet sleeveless denim vest. Wherever you can iron or sew a thing onto. I just got these 2.5", iron on, embroidered lil numbers made up because...well, I wanted to put one on my travel bag.
They're for sale in my store (link at the top) or you can click HERE to go right there now. $5 per patch, incl. shipping, or buy 'em both for $9. Save yourself a buck, and who knows, maybe you'll get a lil' something extra in there.