#MBMBaMinNYC : Feat. Some Weird Paintings.

This Memorial day weekend, Alicia and I were snagged ourselves some tickets to go see a live showing of one of our favorite podcasts: MBMBaM!!! So, we decided, if we were gonna travel to NY, why not make a full run at one of our favorite cities to spend a day in, and see all the people we love there and eat all of the goddamn things that city could lay at our feet. So, with bags in hand, we headed north for a few. And I, being the spazz that I am, figured maybe I could make a full go at meeting the bros. McElroy, and bring them a few homemade, or at least wholly unique, lil' gifts to welcome them to NY for their first live show there. Thus, in trying to keep with the feel of their show, I made a handful of off kilter paintings, to give to them as a thanks-for-all-the-chuckles gifts. Including (in sequence from above): Tex Murphy Eating a Hot Pocket & Buying Fushigi Balls from Amazon • A Clue Era Tim Curry Reading Sad Libs • A Ghostface Horse Standing Atop a Pokeball Texas • And just for good measure (and for Sawbones co-host Sydnee McElroy) A tiny cast of Dr. Who. Also in the gift bag was a onesie from Pinkhammers baby-goods featuring the phrase: Nobody Puts Me in A Corner • A copy of my recent favorite competitive/lying boardgame: Bang! • Some Homemade Smoked Maple Whiskey • A box of Yummy Mummy (becasue, c'mon) • And a Small Chocolate Horse. MAYBE, the weirdest swag bag ever produced. I genuinely hope they like it as much as I liked putting it together!

After the show, we just absolutely treated ourselves to some amazing dining & drinking: First at Momofuku Noodle Bar with just shit-tons of ramen, then at the Milk Bar for Cereal Milk Ice Cream and Compost Cookies, and then at the Ginger Man for even more drinks with friends before completely turfing out at the Gotham Hotel. Thanks again to Peter & Sarah and Kyle & Alana for showing us around for again, in a continually mind-blowing manner in their lovely city.