Titans & Tragedy : Opening this Friday!

This Friday May 2 from 6-9 PM at the Art Dept (1638 E. Berks St.) in the lovely Fishtown section of Philadelphia, fellow illustrator and all around wonderful lady Alicia Neal & I will be premiering our latest dual fronted show: Titans & Tragedy. Featuring images re-imagined from the classic Greek myths, monsters, & legends of our youth, we are offering 2 wildly different sides of a fantastic coin. Whereas Alicia takes the morality play of these immensely dense and twisting tales and depicts them with an abstract, intense, and subtle beauty, I have taken the opportunity to explore the gross and violent side of these tales in the form of giant guts-filled monsters being torn to pieces. We would love to see you there!

Feat. above is the postcard for the show, and below is a preview of one of the other images  I have made for the show featuring the Gorgon Medusa being beheaded, after which her blood transforms into coral, from which is birthed a Pegasus. As you do.