Seattle Adventures.

Alicia and I just got back from our first week long vacation in 3 years. 3 YEARS! So, in that week of nothing but 24-hours-a-day free time, we tried to jam in as much adventure and excitement (not to mention laughs, eating, drinking, hanging out in neat places and being general travel creepo-s) as was possible. The below slideshow is a more or less chronological photo set of our exploration of Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula. Below it is an itemized list of more or less what you are looking at.

Feel free to click thru the images below, the titles (available on image hover) also kinda sum up our days in the west.

Day 0-1:  We showed up. Ate $35 worth of unnaturally good pastries at Bakery Nouveau, met some friends to immediately jump in a boat and canoe Lake Washington with, then it was off to find the Mystery Soda Machine, one of the most amazing farmer's markets I've ever been to and lunch at Linda's where I got the best advice ever on a bill, saw some sweet graf, and drank a bloody buffalo (which has a slab of buffalo in it).

Day 2-4: Involved a long drive up the Olympic coast and a final stop at the most magical place I've been in years: the Quinault Rainforest Resort. A collection of rustic cabins, which we had all to ourselves, literally, situated in the midst of the US's only deciduous rainforest, overhanging beautiful Lake Quinault, right on the verge of Indian territory. Days we're spent going for the first time to the Pacific, hiking the lonely trails thru the rainforest and along a majestic and quiet lake, peaceful nights with fires, eating at one of the more isolated restaurants I've ever been to, and waving middle fingers at danger. There are words to describe the wonder and almost alien beauty of this unique place, but I ain't got 'em.

Days 5-7: Back into Seattle prime. We ate and drank like there was no tomorrow. London Plane, The Unicorn ( there's a drink called Unicorn Jizz that's given to you in a turn of the century circus atmosphere and a sex toy claw game machine, so), Canon Liquors (where there were drinks served in skulls and campfires, seriously), Westward (fucking amazing), The Walrus and the Carpenter, Tilikum Place (home of Seattle's best Dutch baby), Bar Sajor, and on and on... In between that there was a shitload of walking. We went to see the Space Needle (boring), the Soundgarden (the installation, not the band), Gasworks Park, we did half of an Underground tour, did a huge shop at Archie McPhee. We also went to the EMP, where I lost my god-damn mind at the most amazing, interactive horror exhibit (hilights: Critters, Aliens, Hellraiser Ball, Blair Witch stuff, Shaun of the Dead shirt, etc...), fantasy exhibit (they have Conan's sword for fuck's sake + Alicia lost it to the Labyrinth costumery), Sci-Fi exhibit (original Daleks) and even some of the music 'experiences'.