Either the Best or Worst Xmas Present Ever.

For someone's surprise Xmas gift at work tomorrow, they are going to get this magical box of items. An Instant Scumbag Kit comprised of : Slim Jims and travelling tramps go-to "meat" snack, Goo Gone Stain remover, to get out all the stains you're ineveitably gonna get, Soup, cause, what hobo doesn't wanna eat some soup, Sharpies for putting up your train car tag, fresh Socks (any traveller's most important item), a couple of pro-fo's for having sex with your dingus, and a few bottles of hooch, to keep the proverbial train wheels lubricated. Oh, and also, a wily hobo Instant Beard Kit. Made with real Human Beard and Glue, you'll be able to fit in in any dirtbag camp off any rail line. WHoever pops the top on this box of weird is probably gonna either be the MOST stoked, or the MOST bummed. We'll see! Welcome to the party, pal.