Dungeon Crawl Classic Character Drawings.

So, for the first time in nearly 20 years, I have begun again to play table-top, P&P, RPG's with a terrific group of like minded nerdlingers. The game system we started out in was Legends of the Flame Princess, a mildly graphic, slightly blue system, with easy to use classes and mechanics. We have since switched to Dungeon Crawl Classics, which, as I understand it is based on D&D 2.5. Doesn't matter. What does is our characters remained, and so, I decided to depict them, for standees for the group. From Top Left: A Cleric of the Moon (drug addled cultist), Mitison, a former shopkeep turned rogue/thief, Tom Riddle, Handsome Halfling adventurer, Sir Willem Preston, the Gay Blade, a dark hearted chaotic warrior, and Estel, a hippie elf with casting abilities. These are the members of our rag-tag party of shit stirrers who have conquered many drough, slain some dwarf undead, fought a horde of rats, pirates, and centipedes. Also at least one who has: ended up in jail, constantly been drunk, collected the ears of every felled opponent, gotten sick from smearing centipede blood in his beard, flipped off a ghost king, and thrown a severed head into a trap door.