Oops I missed a year or 2.

So. I'm pretty, let's say NOT GREAT, at updating this web-log, it seems. It's been a little over 2 years...in which time: I've been drawing a LOT of stuff. It kinda gets in the way of remembering to do consistent updates. Also getting in that particular way: getting married, traveling across the Earth, listening to good live music, laughing with friends, eating a fair number of the best meals of my life, drinking a few drinks, petting as many dogs as possible, etc. You get it. Hopefully 2018 will be a bit better on the 'Justin-remembers-to-post' end of things but: no promises. Below is a wrap up of a few of the projects I wrapped in 2017 (all of which are now updated in the site feed, too). Click around, see what's new,don't lose faith.


Potpouri: The Odds and Ends of 2015.

2015 Has been a GD terrific year. I got to work on so many amazingly diverse, interesting, fun and downright strange things, that I was terrible at cataloging and/or posting them all. Here are a few that I missed, because...well...I'm bad at blog.

In order (complete with links to appropriate places):

Werewolf Ambulance Stickers. Allen & Katie are the best. Their podcast? The same. A hilarious, intimate, goof-laden look at horror movies spanning the ages from the point of views of two of the best enthusiasts and jokesters I've ever had the privelege of meeting, and talking at length to in the kitchen of a 40th b-day party. This is a pull quote(s) from one of just THE BEST episodes.

The Adventure Zone Character Sheets. The Adventure Zone is a podcast by the bros McElroy (see: everything hilarious and lovable on the internet) and their daddy playing D&D. Somehow, I got lucky enough to not only design their logo, but also this incredible, dry-erase 5e character sheet.

Gimme Some Reggae: A painting done for Denis Carey for his b-day, based on his love of that G'N'R video where Axl yells this dumb thing.

Cinepunx: Liam and Josh are 2 of the best dudes who host a podcast about all the great things. Movies, punk, jokes...you know. Everything that matters. They were nice enough to ask me to do a shirt design of them as 2 of the best super heroes of all time: The Goon and Wolverine. Pre-order it here!

Hard Ticket to Hawaii: A painting, done about maybe the worst-best movie of all time for my good friend Ryann for her b-day. There's a razor frisbee and a blow up doll. Which gets shot by a rocket launcher at one point.

Viva la Undead Elvis: A shirt design (this is just 1/2 of it) for this year's SHOT Show, held in Las Vegas. What better way to represent everything involved that to put together a Skeleton Elvis toting a BIIIIIIIIG rifle? (These aren't out yet...but I'll link when/where available).

Chaz McElroy: This one is the hardest to explain. It's a drawing done based on a bit from MBMBaM where Griffin describes his new personality. It's uh...well. It's a raditude filled skate Dog doing sick, wet stunts? I don't know. Just listen to the episode.

There's more...I may fold 'em in as I go. Thanks for looking, and check out / support all these rad people doing incredible work by hitting th links above, and checking them the fuck out!

The Bacon Jalapeno Mac and Cheese Incident.

It's a genuine shame that the good name of Bacon Jalapeno Mac and Cheese got dragged so unceremoniously thru the mud recently, when a man-child from UConn went on a 9 minute-alcohol-balls fueled rampage at a campus cafeteria. I can't do justice to how intolerable this little shithead is, more than he can himself. Just watch the video HERE (feel free to skip around a bit) and determine for yourself how utterly punchable this turd's face actually is. Don't go ruining things I like you entitled little weasely asshat.

Pacific Rim Choppy Chop.

I am fortunate enough to be sharing some wall space coming up this weekend with some truly amazing artists and genuine inspirations at the premier opening of a tribute art show dedicated to all things creatively genius crafted by the terrifically talented Guillermo Del Toro. The show, curated by Gary Deocampo and Chogrin, and titled Guillermo Del Toro: In Service of Monsters opens this Friday at Gallery 1988 LA, will feature like...a million, GD-amazing, artists, including Mike Mignola, Guy Davis, you know...me, etc.
Legends, basically.
Anyhow: Here's my dumb pile of monster guts, tentacles, and giant robots built specifically to slice them to pcs. which will be for sale at the show in several format.
To see more about the show, visit these links:

"I Ain't Got Time to Bleed."

So. You like the movie the Predator, huh?
Enjoy the hijinks of handsome, muscly Dutch, sly Dillon, wise cracking Hawkins, the explosive Poncho, hair trigger Blain, never afraid to shave Mac and the chest carving, alien tracking Billy?
Oh, you LOVE that movie, cause it's one of the best movies ever made? I hear ya.
Now, with help from yours' truly, you can wear that love literally on your sleeve. Or your bag. Or your sweet sleeveless denim vest. Wherever you can iron or sew a thing onto. I just got these 2.5", iron on, embroidered lil numbers made up because...well, I wanted to put one on my travel bag.
They're for sale in my store (link at the top) or you can click HERE to go right there now. $5 per patch, incl. shipping, or buy 'em both for $9. Save yourself a buck, and who knows, maybe you'll get a lil' something extra in there.

"Fuck That Alligator."

I guess it's not really funny when someone dies.
When that someone's last words are: "Fuck the Alligators!", and they are subsequently eaten by a goddamned alligator after being warned not to try to swim with same said alligator, there's a bit of...it's not irony or comedy, but it's definitely something. Just desserts? I don't know. But this idea has been making me chuckle since I read the news story about this exact thing actually happening. Read it HERE.

I Do What I Want, When I Want.

Upon recently hearing a G-D wonderful, witty exchange between 2 terrific maniacs, on one of my favorite podcasts (I'm biased, but...seriously, who cares), Werewolf Ambulance, based on what is one of the downright sassiest and most inane quotes ever (from the film Waxwork): I couldn't not do a stupid little design for it. Fun with type and jokes. And no BS, go listen to Werewolf Ambulance. But only if you like horror movies, sweet goofs and, like, good times. Otherwise fuck off.

We Are The Union : Call in Dead.

Recently I was lucky enough to do some work for the wonderful fellas in We Are The Union, for their new EP: Keep It Down. When discussing the themes of the record, they mentioned that the title is derived from a tale of an epic party that went...off the rails. This led me to wanting to do a design for the record that not only incorporated the ideas from the song, but also pulled from my own experiences as a party jerk. The front cover shows an amp, demolished by all manner of ridiculous things that I have actually seen at weird, loud, obnoxious house parties. The back cover, which serves as a a love letter to all my party crashing, hard-drinkin', rager friends over the years, then more fully relates the how each ludicrous item managed to be embedded and smashed into the amp. Many of the party guests are folks WATU asked me to add in, many more are representations (if not direct portraits of) friends of mine who have shared in the party crashing traditions we started so many years ago. Hope y'all like it. The record is available for sale and download thru Paper + Plastick. And check out We Are the Union, too, as this would have never been possible without their terrific record and trust. Thanks!

(Click thru the gallery for some closer views of the back cover...maybe you're in there!)

Busy Busy Busy.

Friend of Clark Park, and myself, Kevin Roche, asked me to produce a promotional / retailable poster for West Philadelphia's Clark Park. The poster was to have the dual purposes of promoting the 3rd Annual Party in the Park and to be for sale at said event. The image below (created at standard 18 x 24 poster size) is populated with some of the parks most regular, and colorful denizens, and features cowboys, LARP-ers, Sportos, gals walking cats, BBQ-ers, Shakesperian thespians, and just a mish mash of wonderful folks and asst'd. oddballs. If you're in West Philly May 16th, stop by the park and grab a print of this fella and help the park out!

MBMBaM Live Tour Posters

I was lucky enough to be asked to put together some poster art for a live tour of probably one my favorite all time things: MBMBaM (if you don't know, check them out at TeenGoogle.com).
Over the last few years, I have been truly honored to have been able to do some work for these three fellas, who, no joke, I think may be the funniest, kindest, and most on-the-ball dudes I've ever had the pleasure of drawing the stupidest stuff for. This is my take on combining their ability to turn life's mysteries, alchemy like, into wisdom with the vibes of an unnamed, 70's kid detective show. With some pictograms (using the Pigpen Cipher, that the Freemasons used) and inside-the-show references as well, just for good measure. Hope everyone likes it!

Seattle Adventures.

Alicia and I just got back from our first week long vacation in 3 years. 3 YEARS! So, in that week of nothing but 24-hours-a-day free time, we tried to jam in as much adventure and excitement (not to mention laughs, eating, drinking, hanging out in neat places and being general travel creepo-s) as was possible. The below slideshow is a more or less chronological photo set of our exploration of Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula. Below it is an itemized list of more or less what you are looking at.

Feel free to click thru the images below, the titles (available on image hover) also kinda sum up our days in the west.

Day 0-1:  We showed up. Ate $35 worth of unnaturally good pastries at Bakery Nouveau, met some friends to immediately jump in a boat and canoe Lake Washington with, then it was off to find the Mystery Soda Machine, one of the most amazing farmer's markets I've ever been to and lunch at Linda's where I got the best advice ever on a bill, saw some sweet graf, and drank a bloody buffalo (which has a slab of buffalo in it).

Day 2-4: Involved a long drive up the Olympic coast and a final stop at the most magical place I've been in years: the Quinault Rainforest Resort. A collection of rustic cabins, which we had all to ourselves, literally, situated in the midst of the US's only deciduous rainforest, overhanging beautiful Lake Quinault, right on the verge of Indian territory. Days we're spent going for the first time to the Pacific, hiking the lonely trails thru the rainforest and along a majestic and quiet lake, peaceful nights with fires, eating at one of the more isolated restaurants I've ever been to, and waving middle fingers at danger. There are words to describe the wonder and almost alien beauty of this unique place, but I ain't got 'em.

Days 5-7: Back into Seattle prime. We ate and drank like there was no tomorrow. London Plane, The Unicorn ( there's a drink called Unicorn Jizz that's given to you in a turn of the century circus atmosphere and a sex toy claw game machine, so), Canon Liquors (where there were drinks served in skulls and campfires, seriously), Westward (fucking amazing), The Walrus and the Carpenter, Tilikum Place (home of Seattle's best Dutch baby), Bar Sajor, and on and on... In between that there was a shitload of walking. We went to see the Space Needle (boring), the Soundgarden (the installation, not the band), Gasworks Park, we did half of an Underground tour, did a huge shop at Archie McPhee. We also went to the EMP, where I lost my god-damn mind at the most amazing, interactive horror exhibit (hilights: Critters, Aliens, Hellraiser Ball, Blair Witch stuff, Shaun of the Dead shirt, etc...), fantasy exhibit (they have Conan's sword for fuck's sake + Alicia lost it to the Labyrinth costumery), Sci-Fi exhibit (original Daleks) and even some of the music 'experiences'.

Verbal Assault Show at Phantom Hand Philadelphia!

This is a piece recently submitted to hang at the Phantom Hand inaugural showing at their new space on West Girard Ave. titled "Verbal Assault". We live in a city where people don't often couch what they want to say in a lot of flowery descriptors, and tend instead, to opt to get right at the heart of things. Loudly. With much cursing. So, here's one of my favorite phrases that I have fully discovered thanks to living within the confines of this loud, colorfully vocabularied town.

#MBMBaMinNYC : Feat. Some Weird Paintings.

This Memorial day weekend, Alicia and I were snagged ourselves some tickets to go see a live showing of one of our favorite podcasts: MBMBaM!!! So, we decided, if we were gonna travel to NY, why not make a full run at one of our favorite cities to spend a day in, and see all the people we love there and eat all of the goddamn things that city could lay at our feet. So, with bags in hand, we headed north for a few. And I, being the spazz that I am, figured maybe I could make a full go at meeting the bros. McElroy, and bring them a few homemade, or at least wholly unique, lil' gifts to welcome them to NY for their first live show there. Thus, in trying to keep with the feel of their show, I made a handful of off kilter paintings, to give to them as a thanks-for-all-the-chuckles gifts. Including (in sequence from above): Tex Murphy Eating a Hot Pocket & Buying Fushigi Balls from Amazon • A Clue Era Tim Curry Reading Sad Libs • A Ghostface Horse Standing Atop a Pokeball Texas • And just for good measure (and for Sawbones co-host Sydnee McElroy) A tiny cast of Dr. Who. Also in the gift bag was a onesie from Pinkhammers baby-goods featuring the phrase: Nobody Puts Me in A Corner • A copy of my recent favorite competitive/lying boardgame: Bang! • Some Homemade Smoked Maple Whiskey • A box of Yummy Mummy (becasue, c'mon) • And a Small Chocolate Horse. MAYBE, the weirdest swag bag ever produced. I genuinely hope they like it as much as I liked putting it together!

After the show, we just absolutely treated ourselves to some amazing dining & drinking: First at Momofuku Noodle Bar with just shit-tons of ramen, then at the Milk Bar for Cereal Milk Ice Cream and Compost Cookies, and then at the Ginger Man for even more drinks with friends before completely turfing out at the Gotham Hotel. Thanks again to Peter & Sarah and Kyle & Alana for showing us around for again, in a continually mind-blowing manner in their lovely city.

I'm On the News Again: Drunk Northern Liberties Teens Edition.

After 15 years of living in this equally crappy & wonderful town, I have made it onto the news again. This time as part of the B-Roll of 'setting the scene' imagery in a story about the after effects of a raucous Northern Liberties commercial radio sponsored 'block party' where a bunch of pig teenagers ran around peeing and fucking in the streets. Watch the video here: http://bit.ly/1fUgPIb Should you just want to see me, Alicia, friend Rachael, and our pups Franklin & the Giant Squid, FF to :57 in. Appreciate our struts.

Titans & Tragedy : Opening this Friday!

This Friday May 2 from 6-9 PM at the Art Dept (1638 E. Berks St.) in the lovely Fishtown section of Philadelphia, fellow illustrator and all around wonderful lady Alicia Neal & I will be premiering our latest dual fronted show: Titans & Tragedy. Featuring images re-imagined from the classic Greek myths, monsters, & legends of our youth, we are offering 2 wildly different sides of a fantastic coin. Whereas Alicia takes the morality play of these immensely dense and twisting tales and depicts them with an abstract, intense, and subtle beauty, I have taken the opportunity to explore the gross and violent side of these tales in the form of giant guts-filled monsters being torn to pieces. We would love to see you there!

Feat. above is the postcard for the show, and below is a preview of one of the other images  I have made for the show featuring the Gorgon Medusa being beheaded, after which her blood transforms into coral, from which is birthed a Pegasus. As you do.